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Jean Louis Matinier & Marco Ambrosini 

Jean-Louis Matinier, accordeon & 
Marco Ambrosini, nyckelharpa


ECM 2348
UPC: 006025 375 9429 (0)

 “Inventio” is a collection of musical gems, composed and arranged by the duo of Jean-Louis Matinier & Marco Ambrosini. The programme is inspired upon the baroque sonatas of H. F. Biber and J. S. Bach, but also upon the passionate melodies of G. B. Pergolesi and meditative Norwegian sounds, resulting in an explosion of rhythmic patterns.

Marked by research and innovation, or perhaps improvisation, the project developed by these two virtuoso performers is revealed through a wide variety of musical styles, ranging from early music to contemporary music, displaying a magical and meditative intimacy sprinkled with highly rhythmic passages of powerful sound.

A journey that is as visual and unprecedented as the instrumental marriage between the accordion (of which the French musician Martinier is one of the most innovative and virtuoso players) and the nyckelharpa, a traditional Swedish instrument (of which Ambrosini is a pioneer in continental Europe).

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"I remember the first time on stage, with Jean-Louis: my first impression was to feel a strong musical telepathy between us. And it was true. After many years, we enjoy every time we have the chance to play together. We love to improvise, to surprise and to be surprised, to create on every concert a complete new musical context, a new sound, a new feeling. We love to know how to start the concert but not to know how to end our performance: every concert is different and exiting - I think, music should be exactly so: a mixture of communication, feeling, pleasure, freedom and joy: INVENTIO!"
Marco Ambrosini



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